Fries Museum, Leeuwarden

Christopher & Kate Bisschop, Longing for the Past - exhibition design scenography

With this exhibition, the Fries Museum dives into the personal life and art of the Leeuwarden-born artist Christoffel Bisschop (1828-1904) and his English wife Kate Bisschop-Swift (1834-1928). Their sources of inspiration, social environment and the work of contemporaries are also discussed. The exhibition shows how the Frisian artist uses the past as a great inspiration for the present. In particular, Bisschop becomes fascinated by the stubborn town of Hindeloopen.

The scenography is highly atmospheric; we wanted to get as close to Kate and Christoffel as possible. We combined their extensive collection of art, furniture, jewellery, and costumes with their works of art in many ways. To evoke the eccentric, anachronistic way of life of this enigmatic couple, we created crisp contemporary ‘period rooms’. The beautiful Hindeloopen paintings are highlighted in the last section of the exhibition; four of them through pop-up installations, again combined with their collection witch Christoffel used as props for his paintings.

Graphic design by Paul Bomers

Lighting design by Frank Hulsebosch 50lux

Production by the great team of Fries Museum – Daniel Hoogterp

Graphic production by Watjeziet, Haan Reclamewerk

Paper Art by Sindy Buissink

Photograpy by Mike Bink