Museum Prinsenhof, Delft

Amalia, Ambition with Allure - exhibition concept & design

In Amalia. Ambition and Allure Amalia van Solms (1602-1675) steps out of her husband’s shadow. Her marriage to stadtholder Frederick Henry of Orange instantly made her the most important woman in the Republic. Amalia’s role and political influence is clearly visible in the exhibition, as is the unique position she fulfilled as a woman at the time. The exhibition focuses on the dynastic and political strategy that Amalia outlines and the visual culture she used for this. Various unique and personal objects show and tell Amalia’s exciting and compelling life story.

Museum Prinsenhof Delft puts Amalia in the spotlight for the first time. Our scenography emphasizes this spotlight theme. We stage 7 iconic portraits that reflect the 7 characteristics Amalia must have had to become a successful stateswoman next to her beloved husband Frederick Henry and to fulfill her ambition to extend the dynasty of the house of Orange: Adventurous, All-round, Allure, Assertive, Authoritarian, A-typical and Adamant. These portraits are the keys to 7 exhibition themes, from marriage, status and self-marketing to grief, vulnerability and death. We aim for a contemporary exhibition, in both looks and content, that addresses ambitious women and men of today to reflect on their own core values.


Co-creation exhibition concept and design with Studio Mayra & Sam

Graphic design by Studio Mayra & Sam

Animations by Janneke Kupfer, Hardcut

Production by Planemos and RiwiColl

Lighting design by 50 Lux

Photography by Mike Bink

Delivery 2022