Museum Rembrandthuis Amsterdam

Print Room and Rembrandt’s Office - exhibition design

The Rembrandt House Museum has one of the largest collections of Rembrandt’s etchings in the world. The new print room is in a closed attic space. It is a unique presentation highlighting the importance of Rembrandt’s etching: its great artistic quality, his favourite subjects, his use of different kinds of paper, his agile drawing style and his ingenious chiaroscuro. Another space has now been created in the ‘Voorhuys’ to give an impression of a little office like the one Rembrandt must have used to keep on top of his paperwork. Aside from being an artist and a teacher, Rembrandt was also an active businessman. The office contains furniture and objects based on historical images and documents from the archives.

The opening of the two new rooms is the first step on the road to further modernization and expansion of the museum complex. At their heart is the tangible presence of Rembrandt himself, his family, his pupils, his clients and his friends.

Photography by Arthur van Megen
Delivery 2018