Terhills Resort, Belgium

masterplanning, brand identity and architecture ecological leisure

Terhills is located on the former Eisden mining site on the edge of the Hoge Kempen National Park, Belgium. Shaped by its past as an industrial mine and gravel quarry site, the environment today is characterised by lush fauna and flora, expansive areas of water and unique views from the hills formed by the old slag heaps. The site’s existing assets will be developed, while maintaining respect for heritage and biodiversity. This exclusive project will offer luxury accommodation and 250 high-end holiday rentals, to be developed from the core values of Terhills. An important aspect of the project is the narrative quality of the unique history, and the educational aspect of nature.

I was invited to join a multi-disciplinary team of client, investor, architects and other specialists to prepare an extensive pitch presentation for the brand identity, planning and architecture of the resort. I contributed from my expertise in master-planning, architectural design and storytelling, and my ability to bring communal core values to the public’s heart.

Client Diederik Advocaat, Carpathia Global Capital
In cooperation with Daan ter Avest (architect) and Malou Heijse (interior architect)
Visuals by Sander Lap
Delivery 2014