Kröller-Müller Museum Otterlo

Van Gogh & Co - exhibition design, logo, flyers, magazine

In the Van Gogh Year 2015, with the theme ‘125 years of inspiration’, the Kröller-Müller Museum presents the exhibition Van Gogh & Co. criss-crossing the collection’. Some 50 paintings and drawings from the Van Gogh collection are presented, together with work by predecessors, contemporaries and followers of Van Gogh.

Given the very dense and rich display of over 120 high quality paintings, drawings and sketches, the main focus for the exhibition design was to create an overall engaging spatial atmosphere, but to still provide enough visual space for each artwork to be enjoyed and studied in its own right. We created a simple, yet effective scenography. By applying multi-coloured gradient backdrops for the works we provided both variety and spatial continuity. The exhibition graphics and logo are modest and comprehensive, to balance the extravert, colourful and festive visual identity of the exhibition Van Gogh & Co.

In cooperation with Paul Bomers (graphics)
Photography by Cary Makkink
Delivery 2015