The Toy Museum, Deventer

Renewal permanent installation - project direction

The Toy Museum Deventer has the largest public toy collection in the Netherlands. The most spectacular pieces are displayed in two characterful merchant houses – listed buildings – in the historic center of Deventer.

In 2021 the museum opened its doors after a complete renovation and the re-installation based on a contemporary, clever, museum concept. Homo Ludens is in the center of the narrative, whilst the collection enforces to playand to be playful. There is room for artists, thinkers, and actors – children of any age from 4 to 104 years old. The museum transformed from a charming but old fashioned and dusty house to an energetic museum – without losing its nostalgic charisma.

I was honored to be asked by Ewout van der Horst, director of Deventer Verhaal, to take up the role of project manager of this transformation. I was responsible for planning and budget and was a sparring partner to the Deventer Verhaal team on many levels. I oversaw the project from an audience orientated and quality-driven perspective. I guided all team members in conceptual and curatorial development, interior architecture, exhibition design, production, art installation etc. I aimed to inspire all to give their best, have great fun and take pride in this extraordinary project.

The new Toy Museum was extremely well received by public and press and was qualified ‘Kids Proof Museum 2023’.

Concept, content and curatorial expertise by team Deventer Verhaal

Interior architecture, exhibition design and branding by Studio Koster Van Lienen, SKLV

Curatorial editing by Frederieke Jeletich

Production by KP Interieur, Van Staal, De Bie Reclame

Art installations by Tamtam Objektentheater, Boekbeleving, Guido Nieuwendijk, Coert de Boe

Images and audiovisuele producties by 100% FAT, Beeldtaal, DMZP, Soundwave, Guide ID


Project management renovation by Bart Deddens Advies

Renovation by Aannemersbedrijf Wesselink, Hanzebouw, Bouwbedrijf Buijtenhuis, Bouwbedrijf Van Wijnen, Assendorp anno 1879, Wolters BV, Oostveen Meesterschilders

Photography by Mike Bink, Viorica Cernica

Delivery 2021