Tropenmuseum Amsterdam NMVW

masterplanning and interior design for entrance, shop, breakout spaces

The Tropenmuseum became part of the group NMVW, National Museum of World Cultures, in 2014. In that year, mayor refurbishments and changes of perspective have been executed to give the Tropenmuseum a fresh start and a new branding position.

I was invited to participate in the masterplanning and the development of the new visual identity of the Tropenmuseum and to design the welcome, entrance, ticketing, shop, info and open public space within the overwhelmingly beautiful and impressive public building. I designed all elements with the building’s character and intrinsic architectural qualities as the conceptual starting point. We aimed to develop a design language that is both contemporary and elegantly classic, using materials that were already used in the historic building, as well as new shapes to embrace the rigid structures.

In cooperation with Joost de Beij (lighting)
Photography by Rob van Esch
Delivery 2016