Hermitage Amsterdam

Classic Beauties - exhibition design

The human body has fascinated artists throughout the centuries. In the 18th century artists like Canova, Tischbein, Mengs, Kauffmann and Batoni pursued ultimate perfection, surpassing even the aesthetic ideals of the Greeks and Romans. Classic Beauties offers a delightful journey through European Neoclassicism, including the unrivalled Canova collection with The Three Graces as centre piece.

The scenography plays with the senses; the colourful cabinets offer a festive frame for the works of art and the grand oval shaped hall is completely in black-and-white. An endless landscape based on the engravings of Piranesi gives an extraordinary sense of spatial perspective and is a lush backdrop for Canova’s work.

In cooperation with Studio Berry Slok (graphics)
Photography by Julian Kleyn and Janiek Dam
Delivery 2018
Trailer for The Dutch National Ballet by director Mathieu Gremillet, with dancers Tess Sturmann & Daniel Montero Real