Centraal Museum, Utrecht

Op Scherp – exhibition design

Monumental paintings so lifelike they resemble photographs: that is the magic of Photorealism, In Focus celebrates the beauty and craftsmanship of this art movement, inviting you to discover the stories behind these exquisite works from both old and new generations of artists.

The exhibition’s bold and straightforward architecture provides plenty of space for the artworks to shine. Large typography on the plinths invites visitors to view the art from a distance and zoom in and out. We opted not to use any color, beginning with a black box in the first gallery to display the early works and progressing towards a white box in the last gallery that showcases contemporary works.

We have put a lot of time and effort into curating the art pieces in a way that they complement each other rather than compete, and create breathtaking views through transparent walls. This has been done to ensure that despite the overwhelming nature of the art, visitors can still enjoy and appreciate the beauty of each piece.

Graphic design by Paul Bomers – Lighting design by Joost de Beij – Production by Brandwacht & Meijer, PPS, Sterk Decoratie – Photography by Mike Bink – Delivery 2024