Museum More, Gorssel

Things You Shouldn’t Paint – exhibition design

“Things You Shouldn’t Paint” is the first comprehensive overview of Cornelius Völker’s work in the Netherlands. The exhibition was created in partnership with the Kunstpalast Museum in Düsseldorf and showcases Völker’s portrayal of everyday objects with glamour through his well-considered brushstrokes. The exhibition features nearly one hundred masterpieces by the German painter.

The spacious Museum More provides ample opportunities to create beautiful vistas and give all the space the works of Völker need. We created four small, colorful cabinets within the serene context to provide a podium for special works, both small and intimate. The daylight rooflights allow projection of shadows from our modest 3D typography and add to the exhibition’s overall appeal.

Graphic design by Paul Bomers – Colors by Cornelius Völker – Lighting design by Joost de Beij – Production by team Museum More, Tarkett, Riwicoll – Photography by Mike Bink – Delivery 2024