Wereldmuseum Rotterdam NMVW

interior design entrance spaces, shop, cafe, banqueting

In 1855, today’s Wereldmuseum Rotterdam opened its doors in an elegant mansion (built as the home base of the Association of the Royal Yacht Club) and has gone through many transformations since then. From 2018, it will reopen as a modern, contemporary Museum of World Cultures with a strong Rotterdam Urban focus.

I came on board to redesign all new public spaces on the ground floor and the large historical banqueting halls on the first floor. All to reflect the new identity of the Museum. For the shop and cafe I took the building’s qualities and the stunning river view as my inspiration, and worked closely together with the retail- and hospitality management to create a perfect fitted retail environment, a warm cafe and a welcoming and spacious ticketing area. The furniture features have a both contemporary and classic feel and is detailed and materialised with great care. The museum’s brand identity will be added in layers at the museum’s full reopening mid 2019.

In cooperation with team Wereldmuseum
Photography by Daan ter Avest
Delivery phased 2017-2019