Museum Het Rembrandthuis

masterplanning, museological concept, interior design

The Rembrandt House Museum is the magical where you get to know Rembrandt and his inner circle better and get inspired by his way of working and living. Today, The Rembrandt House Museum is on the verge of a major innovation. The museum aims to increase the accessibility in a broad sense and to make the building complex more sustainable. It also wants to continue to grow as a knowledge centre for art historians and Rembrandt research. In a few years the museum will receive 300,000 visitors per year in a completely renewed and enlarged environment. The Rembrandt House Museum will preserve this unique unique and monumental place for the future and will share its fascination for Rembrandt with everyone – in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands or anywhere in the world.

I participate in the broad innovation team of specialists, that helps to develop a completely new visual language for the storytelling within the historic building and to design the interiors for all public spaces.

Concept Development and Project coordination by projectteam Museum Het Rembrandthuis
Architecture by BiermanHenket architecten
Interior architecture en Museum Design by Lies Willers
Concept Masterplan by Jaap Gräber en Lies Willers with Museum Het Rembrandthuis
Visuals by BiermanHenket architecten