Museum Volkenkunde Leiden NMVW

Jewellery Made by Worn by - exhibition design

This elaborate exhibition is an ode to jewellery makers. Crafts and techniques that date back centuries, such as working with gold and silver, tell tales of culture, history and identity. The exhibition features the most beautiful items of jewellery from the collections of the NMVW; delicate gold pieces, items made of natural materials, silver jewellery and beadwork from Africa. Besides jewellery from the own collection the exhibition shows contemporary pieces by designers from all over the world.

The exhibition concept emphasises universal values like the craft, the maker, the inspiration and the material. We therefore designed 4 completely different spaces based on the specifics of the objects. The design concept embraces the small scale of the objects within the huge museum galleries, and prevents an overkill of multitude by keeping the focus on the details of the objects and the sensuality of the subject.

In cooperation with Jos Stoopman and Jelena Stefanovic
Photography by Bas Czerwinsky and Ruben Dario Kleimeer