Hermitage Amsterdam

Dining with the Tsars - exhibition design and art direction

Combining impressionistic, abstract installations with refined styling elements, bold colours and humorous details, a dramatic yet respectful stage is created for the magnificent porcelain services from the collection of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Each table has a different story to tell.

It’s the first time that Catherine the Great’s fragile collection is shown to the public in open display, creating intimacy, tenderness and awe between the visitor and the beautiful objects. These include works of Meissen, Sevres, Wedgewood and elaborate bronze, silver- and glassware.

The scenography evokes the 18th century lavish balls and banquets of the Tsar’s court and creates a sense of history and heritage, whilst the overall atmosphere is fresh and contemporary.

The exhibition design provides elegant and highly effective barriers, representing a chair for each guest. A high tech security system completes the task.

In cooperation with Jeanine Aalfs and Studio Berry Slok (graphics)
Photography by Kees Hageman and Janiek Dam
Delivery 2014
Animation for Hermitage Amsterdam Museum N8 by Reanimation Studios and Cardboarders