Rijksmuseum van Oudheden Leiden

Egypt, Land of Immortality - exhibition design

This exhibition introduces the great ancient concepts Egyptian of life, death and immortality, the complex of gods and sacred nature, and shows how the ancient Egyptians prepared for eternal life in the next world. The exhibition includes many luxurious grave gifts, such as magical scarabs, jewellery, cosmetics and ritual spells on papyrus scrolls.

Displaying 150 top-objects in a relatively narrow space is a designers’ challenge. Working with a completely object-based narrative, the scenography aims to tell the bigger picture by positioning the exhibition between two large sun disks: the rising sun at the beginning and the setting sun at the very end. By doing so, the discomfort of the out of proportion long and narrow space turned out to be one of our main advantages. The divine objects are held in central transparent clusters in the middle of the space, enhancing the ability to enjoy the beautiful objects to the max, while the bigger pictures stays intact.

Photography by Mike Bink
Delivery 2015